Free online tutoring for D.C. Public School students.

We are Ananya and Aryaman, two DCPS graduates who want to help students in D.C. The coronavirus pandemic has hit struggling students, overworked teachers, and underfunded schools hard.

Washingtutors is our answer.

What we do

Washingtutors is for our community.

We help D.C. students through free tutoring and extracurriculars, and guide volunteers who want to give back.

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One-on-one tutoring

We offer free one-on-one tutoring through Zoom for any and all DCPS students in grades K–12. We're partnered with the DCPS system, and have worked with administrators, teachers, and counsellors at several schools in the city to help their students. We'll work with you and your student to make sure your needs are met, no matter what subject or level you need.

Enrichment clubs

4th and 5th graders can join our weekly Book Club on Sundays at 2:30 PM. We are open to adding more clubs if there is interest! In the summer, we also ran Bullet Journaling Club.


Washingtutors gives community service hours to DCPS or DCPS-certified students who want to tutor. Since we are a nonprofit, we run on volunteer support. During the pandemic, it's been hard to find ways to help the community—online tutoring with Washingtutors is a great way to give back.

Community non-profit

Washingtutors is a Federal 501(c)(3) Nonproft (EIN 86-2129877) and a D.C. Registered Nonprofit (Filing No. N00006606964), which qualifies us to give community service hours to DCPS students. We will always be a free service, and don't take a dime from our community.


Our community loves Washingtutors.

“I admire how they are willing to help children during the difficult times we all face due to COVID-19.”

Parent of a 4th grader who took writing tutoring and book club.

“Her tutor approaches her work like a true professional, provides my daughter with homework that challenges my daughter but is still at her level, and we have seen great improvement in her Spanish skills (as noted by her teacher!).”

Parent of a 7th grader who was (but not anymore!) struggling with Spanish.

“The founders and the tutor they brought on to work with my child are so smart, thoughtful, and patient. They pick excellent reading material,[...and] they have good discussions. They are just are so kind.”

Parent of a 4th grader who participates in writing tutoring and book club.

“The school knows her test grades have been improving greatly. The school thinks it is because of me. I tell them it's because of dedicated students who take their time out of a busy schedule to Volunteer to assist. The motivation, initiative, and having a caring Heart in helping my daughter is "Second to None!"”

Parent of a 5th grader who was falling behind, until Washingtutors!

“Washingtutors is a dream come true for any child that needs extra support in class. [...] This process if definitely setting him up for success in the long run. His tutor is great and stays in constant connection with me and my son.”

Parent of a 7th grader who was having a tough time in math, reading comprehension, and writing.

“My child feels more confident and capable of learning new material. She's happy, she's making more friends now because she's able to catch up with schoolwork. She was stressed about school before but now she's caught up and ended the school year with amazing grades. She wants to be a tutor when she grows up!”

Parent of a 5th grader.

Our team

We volunteer to help all students.

  • Ananya Gulati • Co-Chief Executive Officer

    Ananya is attending Johns Hopkins University to study Molecular and Cellular Biology and Public Health. She cofounded Washingtutors. She recruits, manages parents, and oversees volunteers and students. She also started extracurricular clubs for Washingtutors.

  • Aryaman Arora • Co-Chief Executive Officer

    Aryaman is attending Georgetown University to study Computer Science and Linguistics. A cofounder of Washingtutors, he manages students, parents, and volunteers and runs the website and other tech.

  • Dylan Park • Outreach Officer

    I am a rising sophomore at School Without Walls. I enjoy meeting and connecting with new people that I normally would not interact with. I am looking forward to managing the socials, writing for the newsletter, and bringing new ideas to the organization!

  • Rebecca Khoury

    My name is Rebecca, and I'm in tenth grade at Wilson High School here in DC. I run track, play soccer, and do debate with Wilson, and I also enjoy painting and cooking.

  • Alexander Liesegang

    I am a rising sophomore at SWW. I enjoy helping others understand challenging concepts because I always appreciated it when someone would do the same for me. I particularly enjoy math and science and am in the stem club.

  • Meshaun Pratt

    I am a senior at School Without Walls HS and I love music and baking. I plan to go to college next fall and pursue Nursing. I am looking forward to helping where I can.

  • Sophia Ungar

    Sophia is a DCPS senior who reads, writes, and bakes for fun. They are taking AP Calculus BC this year. Sophia is looking forward to helping other students learn.

  • Maya Bravo

    Maya is a rising freshman at Northeastern University and has been a student of DC Public Schools for the past 12 years. She is excited to share her passion for learning.

  • Sarah Cymrot

    An avid reader and writer, Sarah is a sophomore at SWW and writes for the Hill Rag about local lectures and concerts in the DC area. She particularly enjoys math and supporting students to lose any math fears they may have!

  • Alli Eastburn

    Allison Eastburn is a senior at school without walls. As a military kid, she has lived in over a dozen places across the globe and has picked up a passion for educational equity and STEM along the way.

  • Juliette Krevat

    Juliette Krevat is a sophomore at SWW. Outside of school, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, cooking, biking, and participating in clubs at her school. She is so excited to share her love of learning with Washingtutors!

Contact us


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