Our Story

Ananya Gulati
Ananya Gulati

Ananya will be attending Johns Hopkins University in the fall to study Molecular and Cellular Biology and Public Health.

We are Ananya and Aryaman, two seniors at the School Without Walls High School dedicated to helping students around DC who are forced to participate in distance learning due to the recent Coronavirus Pandemic. The District is new to online learning and we anticipate many students will have difficulties adapting to this sudden transition, so we want to provide free tutoring to help students in the DC Public School system during this crisis.

We hope you will benefit from this service and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or feedback.

Aryaman Arora
Aryaman Arora

Aryaman will be attending Georgetown University in the fall to study Computer Science and Linguistics.

Our Team

Anna Tevzadze

Anna is a Junior at the George Washington University studying Public Health, Psychology and Business Administration. She is originally from the country of Georgia but grew up in New York. She loves working with young learners of all ages to help them achieve their full potential. When she's not tutoring, she can be found outside on hikes, reading a good book or finding new and fun workouts.

Sophia Ungar

Sophia is a DCPS senior who reads, writes, and bakes for fun. They are taking AP Calculus BC this year. Sophia is looking forward to helping other students learn.

Maya Bravo

Maya is a rising freshman at Northeastern University and has been a student of DC Public Schools for the past 12 years. She is excited to share her passion for learning with the next generation of students as a Washingtutor.

Seth Sabar

Seth is a senior at School Without Walls High School. He has always had a passion for STEM, and wants to help younger students build that passion too. In the fall, he plans to study mathematics at Brown University.